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HZ DayZ Deer Isle

Welcome to DayZ the Havoc Zero way.

A balanced, well modified DayZ experience.

Server Information

Server Info:
Name: Havoc Zero | DeerIsle | PVE | 1PP PVP Zones | Helis | Boats | +

How to Connect:
– Vanilla Launcher: Launch DayZ on Steam – Search ‘Havoc Zero’ in Community Tab or Direct Connect using info above
– DZSA Launcher: (download here – Search ‘Havoc Zero’

The Vanilla launcher works best at pulling the correct mod lists, updating and managing server connections, but searching for servers by name is very slow. DZSA finds servers immediately, but can be a bit buggy with the rest.

– Make sure to have the game updated on Steam.
– Set your name in the settings before joining. Having the default ‘Survivor’ will get you kicked.
Vanilla: > Parameters > Profile Name
DZSA: > Settings > InGame Name

Rules + Info

Rules are regularly updated on our Live Document.

Please familiarise yourself with them before and while playing the server. Ignorance is not an excuse, and few if any warnings will be issued for breaking important rules.


Help with server content / mods

Our DayZ Forum on Discord has multiple carefully constructed and updated threads explaining pretty much everything in our server, from setting up a base, to using the trader/purchasing a vehicle, and more.