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About Us

Maximum Havoc – Zero Bullshit

We’d like to think we’re not like other gaming communities. It’s the perfect place to get some games on, get to know some amazing people, and most of all have fun. That’s what all we’re about, and hope you are too.

Est. 2018

Havoc Zero focuses on people, enjoying games, good company and not dealing with toxic people. We don’t deal with ranks here, no yes-sirs and no commandeering leaders. A dedicated team of staff help us run our community the proper way, in touch with the members, straight to the point, helping to run events and bring people together. We pride ourselves in having open doors and being accessible to everyone, allowing for growth and a global player base, making for a diverse and friendly community.

Originally starting off as an Escape From Tarkov groupfinding discord, we have built a strong and close community that have since moved and constantly explore a variety of games, from hardcore shooters just like Tarkov, right down to more casual and fun adventurous games. Most recently we’ve taken strides to grow our other game sub-communities, so if you’re interested in any and all games, this is the place to be. Give yourself just a few minutes, to come across a gaming family you’ll be hanging out with a few daily hours.

HZ Applications
HZDZ – Server Team Application
Apply to be a HZ DayZ Server Team member here!